In praise of Spokane, Washington: home of the Zags – and much more besides

On Tuesday, in anticipation of March Madness, we tend to at Guardian United States of America printed a bit by Buffalo Bill Cody Delistraty, a author and journalist UN agency grew up in metropolis and is gunning for the Gonzaga Bulldogs during this year’s tournament. (Go Zags!)


Cody’s essay was meant to replicaRelated imagete on the success of Gonzaga’s team in their post-industrial surroundings, drawing on his own expertise within the place he calls home. sadly, it didn’t quite hit the correct note, and it caused a storm among Spokanites.

“The Guardian misses with blemished metropolis story,” wrote Poynter. “Hashtag trolls author UN agency represented metropolis in an exceedingly negative light-weight,” ran the headline on Q13 Fox. “Fiction in such a large amount of ways that,” wrote Christian Caple of the urban center News apsis. there have been more.

So. Mea culpa. we tend to ran the piece, we’re liable for it, and that we settle for the criticism. Buffalo Bill Cody wrote it well, and in honestness, and he created some robust judgments, and that we likable it, therefore we tend to gently emended it and printed it. we tend to didn’t expect the storm of criticism, but, trying back, we should always are additional considered in our redaction, headline and presentation. we tend to created some factual errors within the piece, however it absolutely was maybe a matter of tone: it absolutely was ne'er our intention to mock or sneer, and for that we’re sorry.

However, the piece brought metropolis into focus. Its publication prompted some anger and anger on social media, however there was masses good-tempered ribbing, too – and savvy Spokanites coined the hashtag #CodyComeHome to illustrate all their city needs to provide.

Which may be a lot! Locals reminded United States of America that metropolis has gorgeous natural scenery, four lovely seasons, crisp Washington air, sunsets over the mountains, a spirited arts scene, 8,000 folks on the recent women’s march, triumph native wine, and much, much more. we tend to hear the craft brew is pretty smart, too.

“A gem best appreciated up shut,” aforesaid Alice G on Twitter. “I left NYC for metropolis as a result of the folks here square measure nice, the commute is pleasant and life here is sweet,” aforesaid Kai Teoh. “Became a Washington resident once falling gaga with those metropolis views!” wrote Cierra Klatt – UN agency enclosed another image of a particular, and delightful, metropolis sunset.

We hold our hands up. we tend to didn’t mean to put down your city. The piece is our responsibility, and any ire ought to be directed at United States of America, not Cody. (He’s been a pleasure to figure with, incidentally, and has communicated with United States of America in a very thorough and skilled manner.) The Guardian readers’ editor is presently choosing whether or not more corrections, clarifications or apologies square measure required, however we tend to simply needed to acknowledge that we tend to conferred a read that didn’t do metropolis justice, but well intentioned it'd are.

We’ll be following Gonzaga’s results closely over ensuing 3 weeks – and, if you’ll have United States of America, we’d like to return visit metropolis presently. and perhaps bury the hatchet over a pint of Iron Goat?

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